With this website we seek to inspire, document, and share the ideas and innovations of faculty teaching in the COLL curriculum. We plan to seed the site with foundational knowledge in various areas. As faculty talk with each other, experiment, and fine-tune their COLL courses, we hope to incorporate those real-life examples into the resources provided here.

Our strongest current focus is COLL 100, which places new emphasis on “non-written communication” and information literacy. We’re also mindful of collaboration –  a skillset woven throughout the COLL curriculum – and of public speaking and public presentations. Have an idea or example? Carey Bagdassarian (ckbagd@wm.edu) is heading up this effort.

The Faculty Dialogue section is an experiment in faculty collaboration. Have an idea or suggestion? Georgia Irby (glirby@wm.edu) is heading up this effort.

For scheduled events and information about the Center, please visit the main CLA website here.

The current COLL curriculum descriptions are posted to the Blackboard site “Curriculum Implementation” (#1 position), and all A&S faculty are enrolled in the site.

Note: Some material on this site is subject to copyright and is featured under the Fair Use exemption, restricted from further use.